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holy crap man.. every time i start doin somethin here someone else walks up to me and needs somethin completely different... and ya know.. everyone needs their stuff first..... oi.. i'm tryin man... needless to say i'm a bit busy today... i thought i'd try to sneak in a quick update. so... lesse.. quick update.. this past week and weekend was pretty freakin crazy. lots of studying to do. i had a test on the bones of the body on saturday and a test on the muscles of the body on sunday. thank god for word banks.. that's all i've got to say. on the plus side.. we got our tests back and i aced them both.. woo! so.. saturday was interesting. the instructor went over a full body massage and about how long ya should spend on which areas of the body to get it done in one hours time. we also learned the chest and abdomen area. turns out these area are really only worked on if someone is having a problem in either of those areas. they are considered sacred sites... in other words.. alot of peeps aren't thrilled about being massaged there... also in the sacred sites are the gluts, face and feet.. interesting stuff. by any means.. we all went to lunch... after lunch we got ambushed. "everyone parter up.. we'll be doing a full body massage... and i will be giving no assistance." ack... talk about momma bird kickin us outta the nest to see if we could fly. we all felt we did lousy. we all knew that we had to do that sunday.. but saturday.. it was thrust upon us. ya know what.. at the time i was nervous and kinda half sick to my stomach and maybe even a lil bit angry.. but i realized after the fact at how good of a learning tool that was. we got to really see what we knew and where we needed to focus on. i got a lot out of it. i worked on mom that night after looking over my notes and not using them throughout the massage and it turns out i remembered alot of what needed to be done. my problem at this point is my time management. on saturday it probably would've taken me and hour and 20 minutes.... saturday evening i only ran over 5 minutes.... sunday... i ran over about 5 minutes. so i'm doin alright.. just gotta work on that a bit. on sunday i was actually a lil nervous because of the person i partered up with. she's had back surgery and can't lay on her stomach for the part of the massage. since none of us are really familiar with draping in that manner and the such the instructor helped me out with that. on the plus side i remembered a good deal of what needed to be done. and dude.. for being as nervous as i was working with this lady.. it turned out great. she was very impressed with the skill that i showed. she said "you've got great hands. you're definitely going in the right line of work and need to stick with it." it was the best compliment i could've gotten. i think i was half high off of that for the next couple of hours. there's soooo many more details.. but i'm givin the readers digest condensed version. a few more lil bits i can remember..... on saturday i attempted to throw myself on a grenade. on of the girls in class is very put off by one of the dudes in class and was rather concerned about working on him. so i spoke up.. i was like "hey dude.... she actually has like two other people she hasn't worked on yet." we're not supposed to work on peeps we've worked on already cuz we're learning different body textures and the such. so.. anyways.. i thought i was gonna get stuck with him...somehow magically she got stuck with him for the exercise we did on the abdomen. on the plus side the instructor didn't leave her side and the instructor draped her. after lunch when we got ambushed i made sure i pushed forward and worked with her so she didn't have to work with the guy again. that was the second time she said thank you to me that day. sadly the first thank you didn't work out too well. oh well.. i tried man. damn protective nature. lesse.. quick highlights....... i got to give a cute chick(aka.. Dawn) a massage in my home on friday evening.. woo! needless to say i was a nervous wreck. what a mess. only did the back side of the body cuz i really didn't have a clue of time management at that point plus i had to read the notes.. thats rather time consuming. sooo.... but yeah... good stuff... i really wish i wasn't such a dork and wouldn't have got so nervous though. oh well... its new .. its exciting... i'll eventually get a grip.. haha.. lets hope. and since i was such a slacker friday evening when i dropped off my test subject (haha)i ended up hangin at her abode for a bit. "sure i'll stop in for a few". 2 hours later.. haha. Lilo and Stitch is such a cool movie though... plus the company was quite nice to cuddle up with. Annnnnnd.. last but not least... Sunday highlight.. again.. class kicked ass.. had lunch with the youngins of the class and talked about all sorta silly things. went home... and again had a guest for the evening. i swear this girl is gonna get sick of me. i really need to chill. i have a tendency to be a lil clingy at times. i know i can get put off when someone is too clingy.... unless i really dig them... then.. forget it.... i'm a mess. so.... havin said that... i'd have no issues with said person being clingy. but i'm also tryin to put anyone off in the meantime. plus i've got homework comin outta my ears.. oi. so back to the story.. sunday hightlight.... guest for the evening...... a movie.. cuddling and MXC. dude.. most extreme elimination challege kicks ass. i only had one concern in the evening but i gotta work that out in my head before i approach it. all in all..... kick ass weekend.. lots of smiles and cuddles. sooooo nice to do that again. i missed it. alrighty.. my slacking ass needs to get s'more work done. till next time.
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