square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world

okay.. seriously here.....

i believe my subconscious hates me. my hormones are beyond outta control and my subconscious is NOT cooperating. i was having what could be considered a DAMN good dream.... but...... BUT.. my subconscious wouldn't allow it..... as soon as things were startin to get good... BAM.. woke me right the hell up... rarrr..... so.... must continue to keep taking cold showers until my sobconscious cooperates. in other news.. i actually got to bed at 11:05... so i'm startin to get back on track.... granted that damn dream woke me at like 4:30 AM and i had a hard time fallin back to sleep..but still....... as far as work goes i'm doin relatively well with catchin up.. still have piles of paperwork and people coming at me from every direction.. but thats nothin new..... and.. woo.. i think i aced my pathology test. alrighty... i best get back to work and attempt to update more at a later time. apple break is over. till then....
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