square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world

sometimes i hate cars...

i know its been awhile but and i'm sure i'll eventually update for real but for right now i just need to get this out. i was on my way to work as usual. the one of the last turns i need to make is at a light.. and its a left at that... the visibility isn't so great to see if there are cars coming if there are people tryin to make a turn in the left lane... so i watched and i waited.... i inched up even to see the situation better.... so... i felt confident.. there was not a damn thing coming my way... as soon as i hit the pedal and was covering that lane with my entire car.. another car comes out of nowhere... i know damn well when i looked in that direction no one was coming.... i believe that this car got sick of waiting in the left turning lane which wasn't moving very successfully and just hit the gas..... near miss.... the passenger side of my car almost had a pretty severe permanent dent in it... thank god this person understood how his brakes worked.... i was a wreck.. i truly thought "oh crap.. this is it"... but it wasn't... phew.... i know someone is watchin out for me. alrighty.. that's about it.... that shook me up a good deal so i needed to get it out. alrighty.. back to work with me.
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