square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world


i think mom and i are goin upstate this saturday to visit my aunt (her older sister). it sucks that we always take it for granted that people will always be around and then at the last minute we start to scramble to spend time with them. this is one of those instances. we've been saying we want to go and visit for awhile and now we're making time to do so. they found an aortic aneurysm in my aunt. she's not in the hospital or anything at least. but we all know how tricky these things are. they can burst at any moment and cause problems. things are already in the works to get a clear picture of the situation on december 3rd in a hospital in philly so that they can take necessary surgery steps. so.. yeah.. thats what we're doin this saturday/sunday.
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