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motorcycle accident update

i'm home from jacksonville florida. the trip was definitely needed. we arrived on friday, early evening and went right to the hospital. we just caught the tail end of visiting hours. every 2 or 3 hours they have visiting hours. its only for an hour at a time and only two people can enter the ICU to see him at a time. mom went in first with my sister in law. then i got to see him for a few minutes. he was sleeping. three hours later was the second and last visiting hour. my brother was asleep again due to massive amounts of medicine in his system. he was moving his feet a bit for my sister in law but i didn't see it. it was really hard to see him lying there in the neck and back brace. all wrapped up on his head and arms. not moving.

saturday was pretty much the same. they said if he didn't wake up and start responding they were going to take him for a CAT scan in the morning to see if he had any brain damage. on the second to last visiting hour he was awake, aware and responsive. he was nodding yes and no to questions. tears of joy. that's all i have to say. he opened his eyes and saw me. it was so hard to see him like that but it was so good to see him fighting. i'm proud of him. in the last 15 minutes of visiting time, when i was not in there, he started choking and tried to pull the tube out of his throat. my sister in law and mom were asked to leave the room as people ran in to deal with the air tube that was down his throat. it was taken care of. but for last visiting hour he was all doped up again.

this morning was our last chance to see him. we did. apparently he woke up in the middle of the night and got fiesty again about the thing being down his throat and was tryin to remove it. they doped him up again. so.. he was asleep the last time we saw him. the flight home was uneventful. i'm just glad i got to see him and i know he's fighting. i'm definitely in a better state of mind knowing how much of a fighter he is and seeing how hard he truely is fighting. i'm going to look into going down again in 3-4 weeks. thank you all for your kind words, prayers and being here for me. it's needed more than you know.
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