square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world

since its been awhile..

lesse.... massage school has been going awesome.... i'm currently learning swedish massage, anatomy and pathology. the end of swedish is coming up soon... the 17th to be exact. then i have 3 weeks to take a bones and muscles written test... give six massages on my own time and one massage on one of the instructors... pressure pressure. i got myself a bolster.. nifty lil cushion you put under a persons knees if they're on their back or ankles if they're on their stomach to help relieve pressure from the lower back... i've also ordered a carry case... i kinda hope it comes in tonight.. that'll make lugging the table around SO much easier. i may or may not go into detail about any or all of the stuff i'm learning... i'm a slacker really so more than likely i won't.. but i may give it a shot. so.. i started classes on the 8th.. on the 9th i got a cough.. on the 10th i woke up with a 99.4 temp and a cough... on the 11th i woke up with a 100.3 and a wheeze and a cough.. i went to the doctor... guess who got bronchitis? oi. he gave me antibiotics, an inhaler and a six day steroid pack... it musta sounded REALLY bad when he listened to my breathing. 10 days later when the antibiotic was gone i was still hacking up green/yellow junk and having a wheeze... he hooked me up with 6 more days of steroids and 10 more days of a stronger antibiotic. god that sucked. i was sick for like a month with stupid bronchitis. okay okay... a small exaggeration.... i was only sick for 21 days.. oi. so... after that fun i went through withdrawl from the steriods and had like zero energy and was tired for around a week... of course having PMS didn't help much with that either. so.. i'm officially well and have most of my energy back. i'm still a lazy ass though so i haven't gotten up the energy to start exercising again. one of these days i will. so this past weekend... the 5th of february to be exact..... i went out with my buddy Ramon, his friend Shawn and a new human being.... Dawn. We all went out for Dawns birthday... piano bar.. sisters... a lil drinkin and a lil dancing and a lil cuddling. To put it in simplest form... i'm so glad i got the invite out. Dawn is freakin awesome. It's kinda scary how much crap we have in common.... from musical interest to odd things like living arrangements.. crazy stuff man. on sunday shawn was havin a small gathering/superbowl party so the saturday night crew all got together again.. it was nice. i had a good time. i am a nervous wreck. i haven't had a real good crush on someone like this in awhile. it's kinda nice. i swear my muscles in my face are gonna break soon. i've got like a damn perma-grin. i'm like scared and nervous and content and happy all at the same time... its odd. i'm just content to hold her in my arms... i could care less if it even went any further.... it just makes me smile on the inside... which doesn't happen too terribly often...... well.. i gotta get my act in gear so i'm not late for class...... till next time.
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