square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world

disturbing dream

i'm gonna keep this one short.... just hadda get it outta my head... and hopefully release it..

basically... this dream had great potential.. i was smiling for most of it... just a regular day hangin out with a mystery woman.... and then... she leaned in and kissed me.... of course i'm not going to pass up this opportunity.... i kissed her back... and then it hit me... the taste... i know it well.... the taste of stomach acid... as if that wasn't disturbing enough... instead of the usual gum swapping that occasially happens on such transactions.... well.. it wasn't gum... there was a chunk of half digested food passed over.

needless to say i woke up. *sigh* why must good dreams take a turn like that?
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