square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world

time to get back on track....

granted.. i'm smiling a while crapload these days... but i gotta get my ass back on track.... i'm half brain dead and losing my sense of responsibility... its time to fix that. lesse... i'm missin more sleep than usual... gotta get back in to the hittin the sack routine between 10:30 and 10:45 routine when i have work the next day. so.. i'll start back on that tonight... 11 PM at the latest. i'm slippin up at work. when i got to work this morning there was a note on my desk. "Rose, Please lock the front door when you leave." Ugh.. that was reality check part one. Part two came a lil later today. "Hey Rose, did those two shipments go out yesterday?" Take a wild guess. Clearly I didn't respond that way. But yeah... two different companies should've have product on their way by now.. and possibly even dellivered by now. Ugh.. I scrambled quick and called the appropriate trucking companies. They will be picked up today. *sigh* By any means... I'm going to take a lil more care to keep things straight at work. I did fess up of course. I at least have that going for me. Honesty. It's good and bad sometimes. I guess its better than tryin to hide the fact or lie and blame the trucks for not coming in. So.. today.. I shall try and be a bit more conscious of what i'm doing at work and tonight i will try and hit the sack at a reasonable hour. On the weekend... I'll reward myself by being brain dead, hittin the sack late and sleeping in. Until then... time to hop aboard the responsibility train. Til next time.......
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