square peg in a round world (autumnsfall) wrote,
square peg in a round world

motorcycle accident 3..(good news)

my brother woke up this weekend. his eyes were clear. he knew what was going on. my sister in law was asking him questions. "Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened?"


He was struggling to talk. He did have a tube through his mouth and down his throat for over a week. Plus he still has that trach tube going through the base of his throat.

he motioned to my sister in law to come closer... closer..... a little closer...

he eeked out a very scratchy...."I love you".. again he motioned... "do you love me too?" "Of course I do"

the knucklehead was gettin back to being himself... when my sister in laws head was turned he was sticking his tongue out at her oldest daugter.... when questioned about it, he denied doing it. he did it a few more times... my sister in law turned around before he got his tongue back in his mouth the last time. Snagged! Now thats the brother I know.

My sister in law told my brother that my mom and I came down to visit. He doesn't remember us being there. he was rather drugged up when we were there. bummer. hopefully we'll get back down there in about a month. that's the plan. just gotta try to scrounge up a couple hundred more bucks to pull that one off. sooo... again.. thank you all for being out there.. i'll keep ya posted.. and kindly keep sending those good vibes/prayers along.. they're doing a great job. thank you.
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